Their names are Jacques, Marie, Pierre, Christine, Philippe, Anne… They don’t know each other and yet they meet at Velomédiane.

They have their own activities, families, occupations, and yet they devote their time to Vélomédiane.

They don’t know that much of the cyclism world and yet every cyclist of Vélomédiane can count on them.

They are simply volunteers who, thanks to them, make Vélomédiane exist, evolve and be a great event.

They welcome all cyclists, allow them to ride safely and meet in a nice cheerful atmosphere.
This is why we welcome each and everyone of you who would like to join and team up among the existing 200 volunteers ambassading Vélomédiane.

Each volunteers is granted ;

  •  A tasty hot dog and fresh beverages on Saturday.
  • A nice looking t-shirt of Vélomediane to wear proudly during the event.
  • A dinner party during the All Saints holiday period (free food and drinks)
  • And a huge gratitude from all participating cyclists

VOLUNTEER The 1st partner of vélomédiane !