Voluntary code of conduct Velomediane

As participant to the event Vélomédiane C Criquélion, I care about supporting the organisation, authorities, municipalities and the Walloon Region. I feel concerned and I commit to :

Scrupulously respect the road safety and injunctions, police officers or signalers on all routes of the organisation, and acknowledge the fact that the road traffic will not be interrupted during the event ;

– Follow the right side of the road for my own safety, as well as the safety of the other participants and every other road user ;

– Acknowledge that the non respect of injunctions coming from qualified agents along the route will lead to disqualification of the concerned participants ;

Acknowledge, in case of rule and/or law violation, to be held as sole responsible for accidents and damages caused by myself or of which I would be the victim ;

Acknowledge the fact that the Cyclosportive Vélomédiane is not a racestricto sensu, but a individual bike hike ;

Acknowledge that wearing a helmet is mandatory ;

– Behave with manner, dignity, and discretion in order to leave a excellent image to the authorities, organisation and local residents ;

– Declare on my honour to be in perfect health condition and able to cyclosportive activities ;

– Respect the nature and not to deteriorate it ;

– Bring back all my wastes whatever they may be, and put them directly in the garbage disposals at the food supplies stands and/or at the arrival ;

Practice cyclism in a healthy way, and thus not to use drugs or illicit substances of any kind.

Those who do not have a belgian or foreign cyclist licence will have to supply the following to the organization :

– Either a medical attest given to you by your general practitioner indicating no counter-indication to the practice of cyclism, dating from less than a year before your registration,

– Or a sworn statement declaring your perfect health state for the practice of cyclism.

As the responsibility of the organisation is being directly committed, no registration will be taken into account without the supply of one of these two documents.