The Climbers’ Challenge

« Le Challenge des Grimpeurs » will happen in a 2 days-challenge

Saturday 27th august 2022 : participant will register online for 1 of the following organization

o La Vélomédiane 173km ou 133km

o La Petite Crique Ardennes-Etape

o Le défi

Sunday 28th august 2022 : participant will register online or “on site” for “Randonnées Le Val de l’Aisne” 

This challenge is based on “participation and not performances”. It is required to take part 1 one of the cycling tours on 27th August AND the tourist cycling tours of Sunday 28th August. Taking part in this challenge is free except the registration for the cycling tours events.

This random draw  will happen on 28th August at 1pm (13:00) in start and finish places of “Randonnées Le Val de l’Aisne” in 6997 SOY. Many prizes will be offered, as some signed professional cyclists jerseys. During the draw, as one of winner isn’t in the place, the organizations will preserve the prizes.

Éric PIERRE – Province Luxemburg FCWB President

Laurent GOFFINET – Ardenne Sport Organisation

François LANSIVAL – President CCVDA

RULES – the participant will fully respect the following regulations of both organizations, as :

  1. Respect the road code and in cases, the injunctions of qualified agents.
  2. Take note that the automobile traffic won’t be closed during the cycling tours.
  3. To keep right on the road (see Road Code of Belgian Kingdom) to assume its own safety and  safety of other participants as much as other publics on the road.
  4. To well note that unrespect of the injunctions by qualified agents is on the way for disqualification.
  5. In case of fault by himself/herself, the participant will be found only responsible of accidents, damages made against others or himself.
  6. To take good note, that both organizations aren’t cycling races but cycling tours ridden individually
  7. Helmets are mandatory.
  8. To fully respect the good image, dignity and residents asked by authorities, organizations and residents.
  9. To declare on your honor, to be in perfect health and able to ride a bicycle.
  10. To fully respect the Nature and not to deteriorate it.
  11. To keep until finish, the used garbage in your pockets, made to the bin, at arrival site.
  12. Not to take doping products or use illegal substances, to ride healthy at all times.