Petite Crique – Practicalities

Within the Vélomédiane Claude Criquielion,  August 28th 2021, Ardenne Bikes organizes the “Petite Crique”, an arrowed tourist and sport hiking, without classification. Distance of 93 km and difference in level of 1.910m.

Grouped departure in the town centre on 9.10 AM, after Vélomédiane’s departure.

Registration fee:

1. Until the 23st of August 2021

16 € includinginsurancethatcoversfrom 2€

(These 2 complementary euro are necessary to insure the non holders with civil liability, individual insurance and legal assistance: 50 % of the amount (1 €) for the insurance itself and 50 % (1 €) for the administration fees)

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to registered people who have paid (sending from the 30th of July), with the handlebars plate – to be fixed with 2 “colsons” – and the route form.

2. On Friday the 27th of August from 6 to 9 PM and on Saturday the 28th of August from 6.30 to 8.50 AM

18 € : The registration fee includes the supplying, the insurance, the assistance, the certificate and the T-shirt for the participants who reach the finish line.