When will be the diplomas and pictures of the race available?

Rankings will directly be available online via the Chronorace website. You will also be able to download and print your diplomas from there. You will receive your t-shirt right after your arrive at the finish line upon your frame card presentation. Individual photos taken during the race will be available to buy on Sportograf’s website until 72 hours after the race.

Can we keep the race chip after the race?
Yes, you can! Chips included with the race number are unique and belong to you.
Can our own food/drink supply be brought by private team members or/and have our own team car?
No, and team cars are forbidden.
I happen to be sick during the day of the race, can I get a refund?
No refund policy is allowed, but you can get a voucher for the following year’s race under presentation of a medical note.
Is the race choice final after registration?
No change of race (Vélomediane to Petit Crique and conversely) will be allowed on the day of the race or the day before, unless special case basis and explicit agreement from the registration manager.
The average speed is 18 km/h. Does this mean I’ll be off race if I ride at a slower speed?
Yes. The roadbook is basing its average speed if 18 km/h for the sweeper car. Please note that any racer that gets past the sweeper car will ride under its own responsibility, and won’t be under the race’s security service and organisation, and won’t be timed anymore.
What is the limit date for registration?

Registration via the registration form closes on 20 August 2022

Registrations on the spot can be done until max. the day of the race, from 7 AM to 11 AM, as well as the day before from 6PM to 9.00PM. Please note that any registration done during this period will be increased by € 6.00 extra compared to the original registration price.

How can we register to Vélomédiane?

Registrations to the race can either be done via the registration available online on our website or on the spot, during the day of the race or the day before that.

Terms of cancellation of the Velomediane C. Criquélion

For online registrations via SQM Time : If the event cannot take place due to strict COVID-19 measures, registration fees will be fully refunded as SQM Time credits.

For regular form registrations : If the event cannot take place due to strict COVID-19 measures, your registration would then be automatically postponed for the 2023 edition.

Under any circumstances, money refund would not be possible.

Is the race closed to traffic?

For the “Le Défi” race the road is closed to traffic.

During a bike ride, all participants must respect the rules of the road. The race isn’t closed to traffic. The security service and signalmen will help the cyclists to ensure them security on the road, as well as others users of public roads. Each cyclist must also ensure its own safety and adapt its speed on the race, as well traffic and weather conditions (rain, wind,…)