Rules and recommandations Vélomediane concept

  1. It is mandatory to complete the challenge from start to finish to figure in the rankings.
  2. It is mandatory to ride road bikes. No e-Bikes!
  3. It is mandatory to leave from La Roche-en-Ardenne, from point A to point B. The starting point of the two challenges will be at the beginning of the Grande Strumentstreet and will be signalled by Vélomédiane beach flags. The arrival will be at the Parc A Gibier of La Roche-en-Ardenne.
  4. Both Vélomédiane and Petite Crique challenges will have rankings.
  5. The Petite Crique will exceptionally have timed rankings for this 2020 experience, but there will not be any categories.
  6. It is mandatory to take into account the updated Belgian authorities recommandations regarding the COVID-19 situation.
  7. There won’t be any food supply (apart from water points), insurances, emergency services or repatriation. You will be in complete autonomy while entering the challenge.
  8. In case a participant commits an infraction, he/she acknowledges being the sole person responsible for any damages/accidents resulting from his/her actions or that he/she would be a victim of.
  9. Please take good note that wearing a helmet is mandatory. Every participant must declare upon his/her honour to be in perfect health state and able to cycle in such an event.
  10. It is mandatory to respect nature and not degrade it.
  11. It is mandatory for any participant to not throw any garbage on the challenge and keep everything with him/her during the challenge.
  12. Every participant must cycle in a healthy manner and must not use any drugs or other illegal substances.