Inscription for Velomediane and Petite Crique

Dear cyclists friends,

 After the decision was taken by our Belgian federal government on April 15 to fordid any large events until August 31 2020, we are in deep regret to announce you that against all odds the cyclosportive Velomediane Claude Criquélion will not take place this year for public health issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As we are as deeply impacted as you by this situation, we would like to offer you the two following choices regarding your registration for this year if you have one already :

  1. Either the postponing of your subscription for this year to 2021 or 2022 edition without any additionnal costs, on simple request to the organization before December 31 2020.
  2. Or supporting the event by generously donating your subscription fare of 2020 to the organization to cover the many costs already spent for this year and ensuring a better future for the Velomediane.

Thank you very much for your comprehension,

For the organization,

Laurent Goffinet.


Inscription velomediane – Medical certificate

Compulsory for the Cyclosportive (not for Petite Crique)
For cyclists who don’t have a Belgian or a foreign licence
When you registrate, you must present:
– A medical certificate (not older than one year) to proof that you are fit enough to cycle.

– either a declaration on honour
The organizer responsibility being engaged, no registration will be accepted unless you have presented one of these documents.  –